Ahoy CityView!

anchorWelcome to CityViewNavy.ORG, where boat captains, crew, fishers, kayakers, walkers and others share information, resources, photos and stories related to their mutual interest in recreation on the Tennessee River.  Register to become a member by clicking the REGISTER HERE button at the top of the page.  Membership is free and there are three Membership Types:  (1) You are a Captain if you own a boat.  (2) You are Crew if you are a friend or part of the family of a boat Captain at CityView.  (3) You are a Sailor if you find other ways to have fun on the river and/or are still waiting for your ship to come in.  🙂

NOTE: CityViewNavy.org is not an “official” CityView Boat Owners Association.  We have no bylaws, rules, or regular “meetings” and membership will always be voluntary and free!  This is a social group that may also be very helpful if ever an emergency situation arises.

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