VOL Navy Cruises . . . Football Season 2017

vn02We have had a BLAST providing game day Vol Navy Cruises for Vol fans, fans for the opposing teams, fellow CityView residents, and various sports media aboard the Queen Priscilla last year.  Whether joining us for a 30-minute cruise, or shorter 15-minute cruise, 100% of our passengers enthusiastically reported having a good time on the Tennessee River!  Several remarked that this is the only way to prepare for a game.  If you are planning to be in Knoxville for a game this year, be sure to visit TennesseeBoatLine.com and secure your reservation early.




Great Blue Shark at CityView . . .

IMG_3836Be on the lookout for Great Blue Shark in the waters surrounding the CityView Docks.  The one pictured here was recently observed trying to leap aboard “Ellis Island” owned by Robert & Jonathan.  This particular species, not native to East Tennessee, has proven to be very elusive and hard to capture.   Capable of reducing its physical profile to the thickness of a pancake, it is also quite capable of flying through the air when wind gusts are of sufficient strength.

Driving The BenTley . . .

Scott PontoonScott and Lesa Baker were recently spotted out and about in the vicinity of Volunteer Landing Marina aboard their 24′ BenTley Pontoon.  At the time, they were entertaining Justin (a colleague) along with his wife and son, Penny & Little Joe.  Click on the picture to watch a video demonstrating how “Toonada” easily cuts through the water.