Member Profiles . . .

profilePicSo, you are thinking about registering to become a member here at the CityViewNavy.ORG web site, but you are not sure about what information you wish to include in “MY PROFILE”.

There are only a few pieces of information that are absolutely required (your real name, email address & member level), but here are eight reasons why you might consider providing the additional requested information.

  1. The only people who can view the information you provide are registered members who are at the Captain or Crew member level and they must be LOGGED IN to view it.
  2. Providing your Emergency Telephone Number allows other Captains or Crew to contact you in the event of an observed emergency related to your boat, condo, child or pet.
  3. When Other Members provide their  Emergency Telephone Numbers, this can be very helpful to you  if you need to reach out for help – on the water, or on land.
  4. Providing your Boat Name & Description helps other members recognize you on the water.
  5. Providing your CityView Slip No. helps other CityView residents keep an eye on your boat when you are not there.
  6. Providing information about who you Crew For, helps members “connect the dots” whenever they greet each other at CityView and on the dock.
  7. Providing your CityView Floor Number helps other CityView residents welcome you as neighbors.
  8. Providing information about your Pet(s) can be helpful in the event they ever get “loose” at the condo or on the dock.  Often, our pets make friends with each other before we do.  Knowing about them encourages us to get to know each other better.  🙂

Ahoy CityView!

anchorWelcome to CityViewNavy.ORG, where boat captains, crew, fishers, kayakers, walkers and others share information, resources, photos and stories related to their mutual interest in recreation on the Tennessee River.  Register to become a member by clicking the REGISTER HERE button at the top of the page.  Membership is free and there are three Membership Types:  (1) You are a Captain if you own a boat.  (2) You are Crew if you are a friend or part of the family of a boat Captain at CityView.  (3) You are a Sailor if you find other ways to have fun on the river and/or are still waiting for your ship to come in.  🙂

NOTE: is not an “official” CityView Boat Owners Association.  We have no bylaws, rules, or regular “meetings” and membership will always be voluntary and free!  This is a social group that may also be very helpful if ever an emergency situation arises.